Vivian Maier

I love this photo:

I love the photographer's clothing, her intentness, the way her reflection on the glass picks out the presence of the two seated women, who seem to be having an unhappy moment. I wonder a bout the photographer and what else she saw as she walked down the sidewalk.

The picture is by Vivian Maier, an unknown Chicago street photographer whose images wou ld have languished in obscurity if not for photographer John Maloof. John purchased the pictures at an estate sale and has been scanning them for publication the excellent blog he's created in Vivian's honor.

I learned of Vivian, by the way, through art buyer Heather Morton's blog, HMAb. Heather's post includes footage from a film shot by the late Helen Levitt, a street photogrpaher whom I adore. The clips are in black & white and are concisely edited to display the enormous charm of life on even the most ordinary city streets. The charm that Helen spent her life quietly documenting, and that Vivian obviously delighted in as well.