Harriman State Park

I was at Harriman State Park a couple of weekends ago and brought along my Holga and my Lomo. I did not hope to take any super-wow photos. Stomping around in the golden leaves there, breathing crisp, fresh air, lying on a sun-soaked rock by the water—those are experiences I cannot translate on film. But both cameras are idiosynratic and yield unpredictable results. I took these two photos with my Holga while in Umbria five years ago, and they came out all dreamy.

It had been a long time since I used either camera. Not since I visited Joshua Tree in April and took this (sorta boring but also kinda painterly) photo.

So back to Harriman. I still have to finish shooting the film that's in my Lomo, but I got the Holga images today. You can tell the film is old and that I didn't take care when I unloaded it. The exposures are off and overlapping. But I still like the pictures.