Stop stomping around!

Noisy upstairs neighbors can be such a bummer. I lived in an East Village apartment for five years where the guy above me was a near shut-in. In a lot of Manhattan apartments, you hear your neighbors, and they hear you. It's just how it is. But when someone's home all the time, you hear them a hell of a lot more often. In the five years I was there, I heard a lot of TV watching, sneezing, nose blowing, and a handful of a sullen conversations with someone who sounded like she must have been his mom. I also heard a strange, heavy dragging sound each night at around 3:30 AM. A few months after I moved in, I called him and asked him about it. I thought maybe he was moving furniture, and did he have to do it in the middle of the night. He told me, in his congested, doleful voice, that he has insomnia and the only thing that helps him sleep is food. I thought to myself: What, is this guy, like, lassoing the fridge and pulling it to his bedside each night? Then he told me he had planned to get new slippers. And that was our conversation. I thought of that guy when I watched this video by the band the Coathangers, especially when they sing, "I think you got a love affair with stomping around!"

The Coathangers - Stop Stomp Stompin from Extra Zero Media on Vimeo.