Jane Jarvis

From an obit by Peter Keepnews in today's Times. The last paragraph is my favorite.

Jane Jarvis, who brought a jazz sensibility to unlikely places as an organist for the New York Mets and a programmer for Muzak, died on Monday at the Lillian Booth Actors’ Home in Englewood, N.J. She was 94. …

Jane Jarvis in 1984. Photo by Brownie Harris.

Nearing retirement age and wanting to engage the public more directly, Ms. Jarvis left her job at Muzak in 1978 and the Mets a year later (she was not replaced) and, at 64, began looking for work as a jazz pianist. By the mid-1980s she was a fixture at the West Village nightclub and restaurant Zinno, where she worked with Milt Hinton and other top-tier jazz bassists. She recorded her first album as a leader in 1985, the year she turned 70. …

Despite health problems, Ms. Jarvis continued to perform and record into the 21st century, both as a bandleader and with the Statesmen of Jazz, an ensemble consisting mostly of musicians over 65. She was the only woman in the group. 

“I figure I’ve got another 25 years,” she told The Indianapolis Star in 1999. “At least I’ve got 25 years booked out.”