Give me the city

My friend D, who was visiting from Long Beach, California, and I decided to get away to the country this week. Just for two nights. We pictured hiking, fresh air, a local dive bar with interesting people to chat with, a comfortable place to stay. 

What we got was terrible rainy weather that would have inspired other, smarter people to nix the idea of driving three hours to the Catskills. We got a small town where the one nearby bar was closed for vacation. Where there were two restaurants open, only till 8ish, and one of them was 20 minutes away. We got a room in the strictest sense—200 square feet, maybe, and a couple of small windows. No space to stretch out. 

We got…bored.

 The crowd at the T Bar restaurant and pub at 6:30 last night
consisted of D and me.

So we came back a day early.

I've never been happier to drive into the clogged Lincoln Tunnel and emerge in tattered Hell's Kitchen. We had finally escaped the country to get where we really wanted to be. The city.