City park that feels like the country (almost)

There's a stretch of Riverside Park that runs from about 59th Street to 68th or so that feels like no other part of the Hudson River park area. The walking path is flanked on one side by swaying ornamental grasses and on the other by the river. There are secret-feeling seating areas cut into the grasses—a wide-planked boardwalk-ette leading to a single bench and a wealth of blissful solitude. Here and there, creaky, weathered structures that, I think, were once used for transporting cargo from ship to shore, stand knee-deep in the water, their backs bent but their bones still mostly intact. At one point, there are wide stone steps, as in an amphitheater, that lead directly into the water. You can get as close to the splashing river as you want. It's alarming to have there be no barrier, and thrilling at the same time. Hard to believe it's all less than 20 minutes from my apartment building if I'm traveling on my rusty, trusty bike. I took these photos with my phone last weekend when I was there. They do not capture the magic of the place.