I used to make collages a lot, especially when I was trying to work out stuff in my life. I don't make collages so much anymore. Almost not at all, in fact, though I often have ideas for them. Now I take pictures when I've got things on my mind. But I've been thinking about collages lately, and then today, after seeing a preview of the exhibition "Picasso: Guitars, 1912–1913" at the Museum of Modern Art, I was remembering how satisfying it was to work with paper and magazine clippings and bits of stuff, all slathered together with thick acrylic medium. I was remembering what it was like to work with my hands.

Here's a collage from about 12 years ago. I call it "Snout."

"Snout," construction paper, magazine clippings, ticket stub, and oil stick on cardboard, 1999, by Kristina Feliciano.