Double exposure, somewhere around 1996

I was somewhere around 26 years of age when this photo was taken on, I think, East 13th Street, by my friend Chris Howland. Chris Howland who was my first friend when I moved here in April 1993 and who in 1999 chose to bring his life to an end. He was in his 40s, which would seem too soon to stop, but it's not for me to say. What I will and can say is that I am sorry his brother found him, had to see and feel that. So Chris took this picture at my request, because I was doing a story for PDN about some software that you could upload a photo and change it any way you wanted, and I wanted to show how I could transform myself from this blank face to a character I saw in Geena Davis' The Long Kiss Goodnight. And Chris took a series of photos with my camera, with a police station as the backdrop because it was near our pool hall, and then we went and shot pool.