Natasha Lyonne and me

I went to a cocktail party tonight for Orange Is the New Black at the Paley Center. (Thank you, Lisa G.!) The cast was there and had to pose on a red carpet against a Paley Center backdrop and meet the press. When all the photographers shot at once, the flash light was white and blinding. One actress stood apart from the crowd, literally: Natasha Lyonne. She came in later than most of the rest, standing outside the lobby and smoking with a friend. And then she stood by the marble reception desk instead of joining the others in front of the camera throng. I can't say I blame her. At one point, though, I did go over and ask if I could take a photo with her. She's a tough New Yorker, or at least has that aspect, so I asked plain and simple. No fawning. She looked at me and said yes. I gave her friend my camera, and Natasha looked came over and gave me a raspy, appraising "Hello" and slung her arm around my shoulders. I won't show you the photo. But it was awesome. I will, however, share some photos of the vibrant Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee.

Kristina Feliciano_Danielle Brooks 1.jpg