Eblasts and newsletters are an essential component of the marketing strategy at Stockland Martel. We send targeted newsletters to clients every two months, as well as eblasts promoting individual photographers when there's a critical mass of new work or there's a specific message or story we want to promote. I also collaborate with the reps to produce themed blasts—perhaps the focus is music photography or lifestyle imagery—to support their sales outreach. I'm sympathetic to the fact that our clients are flooded with emails every day, and I work hard to make sure the layout and copy in these communications make it worth their time. Below, a handful of examples…

Award-winning photographer and director Craig Cutler wanted a campaign that would reach existing and would-be clients on a weekly basis. His idea was to create a new project every week for a year, and he wanted suggestions for how to promote it.

I came up with the name CC52, for his initials and the number of weeks during which the campaign would unfold, and a series of distribution points. Every Friday, his new project would be posted on his reps’ blog, always with CC52 in the headline (for example, “CC52: Duct Tape”) in order to reinforce the branding. Once a month, there would be an eblast showcasing the latest projects, with a link to see all of the CC52 projects up to that date. And at the end of the year, there would be a printed piece featuring images from CC52 and an exhibition. 

Craig loved the idea. He faithfully created compelling new projects every week, I posted them and sent out the eblasts, and he worked with a designer to create a handsome printed piece and collaborated with the production house Industrial Color to host the exhibition/party, which featured a DJ and to which clients were invited (the Facebook page has photos from the event). CC52 garnered Craig press, raised his profile (and highlighted his enormous creativity) with clients, and led to new work.