Since 2012, I’ve served as the director of marketing for Stockland Martel, an agency that represents commercial photographers, with a roster of roughly 30 people at any given time. My job is to work individually with each of them to develop marketing initiatives that are in line with their strengths and goals, strategize with the two principals of the company on marketing initiatives that support the agency’s brand, and collaborate with the sales reps to support their direct outreach to clients. So my job is sort of like having lots of clients with overlapping needs. There are many moving parts, the pace is super fast, and swift but considered problem-solving is key. I love it.

Previously, I worked in publishing, alternately (and sometimes concurrently) writing, editing, and serving as managing editor for publications including Entertainment Weekly, Revolver, Modern Painters, Paste, and Adweek. (View my CV here. See below for a visual summary.)

I also produce my own photographs and photo-based projects, on view at

I'm always looking for new projects and collaborations. Inquiries: kris [@]